Happiness in Life is Made

"O, happy the soul that saw its own faults" – Rumi

How cool to come to work in beach sliipers! Hands down. I admire people who continuously being creative and make a difference to the world. It made me think – what have I done so far? The opportunities are everywhere…

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These were what stopped me from posting for the longest time…

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Always and inspiring blog to follow and ideas to try…

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Ramadhan kareem

Salam and Hello again!

I cannot even begin to express how much happiness Ramadhan has brought me this year. The whole mantra about preparing for Ramadhan in the months preceded to it which were Rajab and Sya’aban was so helpful and beneficial. Where was I in the last few years feeling lost and clueless about Ramadhan for years and years?

I think, sometimes it was me that made things complicated which inevitably led to the “lost” and “clueless” me.

Ramadhan is a month of blessings; so what I have to do is to do as much good deeds as I can and I will be rewarded with happiness and what else but feeling blessed. Ramadhan is a month of forgiveness and repentance for past mistakes and sins so what I need to do is seek forgiveness from others who I might have hurt with my actions and my words. It is a month of reconciliation, with God, with my root, with my family, extended families, friends, neighbours and colleagues. It is a month of charity drives. If I do not have enough money, I can smile to others and that is an act of charity. Removing harm from others too, is and act of charity. Helping others also is an act of charity. Helping prepare food for fasting family members is a HUGE act of charity. It was told in a hadith that giving food to someone who fasts will make us reap the rewards of those who fasted without lessening the rewards of the fasted persons. How easy was that? No wonder people said that the month of Ramadhan as the Fiesta of good deeds!

Needless to say, I am so happy with Ramadhan. My heart feels contented and peaceful that I do not want it to end.


Allahu Akram!

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.. and it is already April

I have been having moments of love-hate relationship with my pc. I don’t know why. There are days ( or as it was a whole month) that I just don’t feel like using the computer at all. So March was one of those days which unfortunately was dragged for weeks.

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On dieting…

I reckon, if by window e-shopping handbags and watching Sugar on cable make me eat less, why bother dieting?

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This is no Louboutin but the smiles say it all.
It is 128 am here, I cannot sleep because I still wonder what shoes to wear tomorrow and I have an early flight to catch. But I know I cannot get to sleep before I read this. My heart goes to everyone who does good to other people regardless of the “whats”. In the end, I think I will settle with my black walking shoes and will probably feel the joy just as much as the children featured in this article.


Thoughts of the day

Many people are poor not because they do not own enough money, but because they spend it on wrong priorities.

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Domesticating children

I am in the process of letting the children to be more involved with housework much more than before. They need these skills which are useful when they finally spread their wings. Chores such as setting up the table for dinner, washing the dishes after meal, cleaning bathroom are just few examples of how children can develop abilities to look after the house when they are on their own. The boys are able to use the electric kettle for hot water with supervision and make simple breakfast. Even though the girls seemed to be adapting quicker, regardless of the gender they should know how to run a house, and stuff included in it. Munawwar has been quite helpful at home which makes it easier as the boys would have a role-model to look up to.

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Terukir di bintang

It is February and you can see “hearts” virtually everywhere, on the cards, the banners, the parfum parlours, the diamond shops, the restaurants, the florists and the chocolate advertisements on tv. Personally, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. But it seems that this year’s February has more charm than it has ever been before. Maybe because I have been watching too much of The Pawn Stars, The Pickers and King of Restorations over History Channel lately. Perhaps the all rustic, old and vintage  antiquities have caused me to be slightly airy-fairy. Romanticism on TV or film is highly over-rated I must say.

Having said that, I will make this my February theme song. Terukir di bintang literally means Engraved on the Stars that somehow fits well with February and vintage and oh so Venice!

Gondola anyone?


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