Happiness in Life is Made

"O, happy the soul that saw its own faults" – Rumi

Fun in the sun

It is a long weekend  til today and the weather outside is pretty warm. It is a beautiful day and would be a waste if we were to spend it inside. Itqan has been extremely helpful with rearrangement of the boys’ beds and study tables into our room because their bathroom needs major plumbing job soon. So, for a treat, we head to the nearby swimming pool for a dip.


They enjoyed it as much as their sisters.

As for now, I would savour their childhood as much as I could, along with the mess that comes with it, ha!


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This is just too cool not to be re-blogged, don’t you think?
Invest on green, eat organics, live green, breathe green, support green companies.

Say Hello

Ad campaign by Legas Delaney for Plant for the Planet, using cut leaves symbolizing their ability to absorb CO2.

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City of lights (love)

Somehow, I was so into Paris since last year. Maybe it was because of the DVD or a novel, I seriously could not recall now. Or maybe it was because that the fashion scene decided to make Paris (read: vintage) the theme last year, until you can see everything Parisian as the exhibits and decor on the window.

Thanks to Dan Brown, I once thought of visiting the Louvre just because I wanted to trail back all the places mentioned in the Da Vinci’s Code. I am currently on Bonjour Happiness and thoroughly enjoyed it so far. For now, I think that if I ever get to Paris, I would like to savour it as everything that she is: Mysterious, Lights, Love and Living well.

Two novels, a non-fiction, a DVD, a free bookmark, this and this were too much of a coincidence. After all, happiness is made. Someday.

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Just be…





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A heart of a what?

So went the fable that I heard on the radio this morning. It was about a mouse who were so stressed out when he was bullied by cats. The mouse went to see a witch and asked her to change him to a cat so that other cats would not bother him anymore. Wish granted, he was made miserable not long after by dogs. So he went and asked the witch to change him to a dog, only to be stirred later by lions. So he asked the witch to change him again to a lion, and he was then changed to a lion. His life was still miserable because at that point the hunters would want to catch him. He went to see the witch, so that the witch can change him into a hunter. However, unlike the last 4 attempts, this time the witch refused to change him to a hunter. She said ” you will never be the person you wanted to be for as long as you have a heart of a mouse!”

This discipline and rough treatment are a furnace to extract the silver from the dross. This testing purifies the gold by boiling the scum away“. – Rumi in Rumi Daylight.



I have been blogging from my phone ever since I downloaded wordpress apps which I must say, is very user-friendly and I can type away whenever and wherever.

Over the radio this morning, Ustaz Badlishah talked about opportunities. Almost instantly it hit me: that opportunities have knocked on my door more than once in the past years. Some of the opportunities, were well-received while many others went swooshing by like a fast train, leaving only the dust and the sudden jolt of noise. Then: nothing.

I remembered at Raudhah, in Masjidunnabi at Madinah,  I prayed that Allah blesses me with unknown sustenance from unexpected sources. But when it happened, I did not even care. Isn’t it weird that you ask sonething from an important person, and when your wish is granted, you do not take it and worse still is you are acting as if you do not ask for it in the first place?

Astaghfirullah, what have I done that made me think that I have the ability to foresee what is best and what suits me when multiple opportunities come right at your door?

U.B quoted someone – “If no opportunity comes knocking, build the door!”. Subhanallah! With the spirit of thirst for knowledge, experience and abundance, with the intention to give back, it is going to be my call. Nobody else will do it for me. Only me.


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Life simple pleasure

Whenever I feel like I need a moment of hirameki, I would either:
– imagine Sydney Harbour
– drink fruit tea
– watch uplifting dvds

So tonight, while pulling by the curbside waiting for Munawwar, I watch for the umpteenth time: Julie and Julia. I love Amy Adams. I just do.


I am happy already.


Miniature Pothole Gardens Drawing Attention on the State of Some London Roads

I just love people who are creative and make the best out of everything…

Interior & Architecture Design

SteveWheenPotholeGardener1 Miniature Pothole Gardens Drawing Attention on the State of Some London Roads

Steve Wheen is the artistic mind behind a great blog entitled the pothole gardener.  It is here that he uploads pictures of various miniature gardens he develops around east

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Putting things into perspectives

I cannot sleep right now mainly because I feel that I need to get whatever that I have on my mind before I retire for the night. Today has been quite a challenge to me.  Itqan refused to do his Math homework and preferred to repair his long forgotten goal post that was kept hidden for many months in our store underneath the stairs. After much negotiation  and after he failed to find sticky tape to mend the goal post, he decided to play with his bicycle. I thought: That’s it – I am going to give him a silent treatment. And that was exactly what I did when he came back from the bicycle ride.

Knowing Itqan, I knew that he would feel guilty and try to get my attention,  which he did, but I would show him that I would not budge. He still has not finished his Math. I don’t know what he was thinking when he finally sleep on the recliner, but I can tell you that this has really taken the toll on me. It is killing me inside that I was acting this way and picked a silent treatment to punish my son. I don’t know why, suddenly during that moment of me getting so upset, I remembered my dear friend who is now fighting Stage 4 cancer. I thought, would she treat her children like I did today knowing that her days are as precious as anyone can possibly think of? Would she shout and pretend that she did not mind all the attention that her children is trying to get from her?

SO, my dear self (and friends – whoever is reading me out there), whenever you have doubts about forgiving others, think again. It might be that it is you that will be forgiven the hardest for things that you know can be handled differently with TLC if only you want to take a deep breath, step back and let your love speak on your behalf – not your tongue ignited by anger.

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Time and tide wait for no man

Some mothers may find this difficult – that is to just spend the day doing nothing. So far, that is exactly what I have been doing. I am waiting for the Australian Open 2012 Man Final Tennis and that is the only itenary on my diary (not that I have one) today. Munawwar has been very busy this weekend with his work from office. The kids are busy with their new kitchenette and pots and pans we get for Najdah for her upcoming 4th birthday.


When I went for groceries shopping last Friday I thought I might want to cook something special for lunch this weekend. So much for planning and all I managed to get done today was fruit and nuts cupcakes for brunch. As the day unfold, I can only stare at the cookbook and found the pictures of the food staring back at me. There was no magical moments, no sign whatsoever, no chemistry. It was kinda ironic that we get our daughter to play cooking while the mother herself has no intention to even look at the kitchen *sigh*

Finally, I seek help from our humble refrigerator, took out the frozen  processed food and whipped up chicken burgers. The guilty debate will continue, I know.

Just as we finished eating lunch, I have already asked the boys what they want for dinner: is it pumpkin soup? Munawwar shook me out of my dream just as I took out the dry bay leaf from the pantry and noticed that we only have half of the white loaf left. Or maybe tom yum soup? That sounds much better considering that there is rice vermicilli noodle available. As I am typing this, I remembered that there is Naan bread ready to be eaten and all I need is to cook a vegie curry or maybe lentils curry.. oh my, suddenly the chioce is endless.


What the heck. I will keep the eagerness to cook dinner till later. For now I will settle with my book, before cheering for Raphael Nadal soon.

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