Happiness in Life is Made

"O, happy the soul that saw its own faults" – Rumi


on February 1, 2012

I have been blogging from my phone ever since I downloaded wordpress apps which I must say, is very user-friendly and I can type away whenever and wherever.

Over the radio this morning, Ustaz Badlishah talked about opportunities. Almost instantly it hit me: that opportunities have knocked on my door more than once in the past years. Some of the opportunities, were well-received while many others went swooshing by like a fast train, leaving only the dust and the sudden jolt of noise. Then: nothing.

I remembered at Raudhah, in Masjidunnabi at Madinah,  I prayed that Allah blesses me with unknown sustenance from unexpected sources. But when it happened, I did not even care. Isn’t it weird that you ask sonething from an important person, and when your wish is granted, you do not take it and worse still is you are acting as if you do not ask for it in the first place?

Astaghfirullah, what have I done that made me think that I have the ability to foresee what is best and what suits me when multiple opportunities come right at your door?

U.B quoted someone – “If no opportunity comes knocking, build the door!”. Subhanallah! With the spirit of thirst for knowledge, experience and abundance, with the intention to give back, it is going to be my call. Nobody else will do it for me. Only me.



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