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"O, happy the soul that saw its own faults" – Rumi

7 reasons why sending kids to school should be included in my project of happiness

on January 11, 2012

What is ferry? According to my humble online dictionary , it is not just the boat that  we can catch to cross the sea to Penang Island, it is also a verb which include to transport people or goods in a vehicle. See here.

So on my wish list this year, is to ferry my children to and from school everyday. Some people my think, “What the? I ferry my children to and from school and anywhere on earth everyday!”. But believe me, there are many parents out there who have this on their wish list but yet to make it come true. This is why:

1. The route to school is different from the route to work. If parents insisted that they are going to send the kids to school and then to work on the very opposite directions they will turn up late to work.

2. They do not have the vehicle to do so. If they own a motorcycle and they have to ferry 4 kids one at a time, imagine the hassle.

3. They are not able to because of the working timetable. Some start at 7 if they work morning shift and return at 8 if they are on night shift.

So I am happy that starting from this school term I can send my children to school, because:
1. they have better mood and not feel too tired after school
2. they can have early lunch as opposed to at 4 pm last year
3. they can finish their homework as the result of better mood and happy tummy.
4. they can do other important stuff like playing soccer in my bedroom or watch tv or find stuff on the internet after they have done their homework.
5. they listen to me more intently in the car ( boy, we have such a long discussion on everything)
6. I will happily put on the sermon by our fav Ustaz en route to school. See here.

Most of all, I am happy to be at the giving end.


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